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Top | Emiw - Emil Irga

Emiw also known as the top lane king is a player who shines when it comes down to winning matchups. Formerly a Riven OTP now expanding his champion pool Emiw is a force to be reckoned with, asking his coach to be put on tank duty is not something he is shy of anymore. Be ready to be taken down, especially if you give him the room for a mechanical outplay.

Jungle | Attõ - Collin Klimczak

Atto is the oldest member of the roster, literally joining the squad from the second day of team formation, he knows a lot about the others and takes a vocal role in game. Developing his playstyle and champion pool he will soon show how to smash the map and his opponents in the Benelux. Leave this man’s Vi open and you will regret the day you ever influenced a draft.

Mid | Crit Hero - Tom Aarts

A veteran if you will, Crit Hero joined our team as the last member of the 5-man talent squad. Knowing the ins and outs of of Benelux competitive play he was the last piece that our puzzle needed. Being vocal in game and in review has lead the team to massive improvement, but don’t be mistaken, he will not let his opponents go unpunished when overstepping around the Summoner’s Rift.

ADC | Honels - Heikki Kervinen

Half of our Finnish Powerhouse is our Attack Damage Carry, or should we say Ability Power Carry (any Ziggs enjoyers?) Honels), he is an experienced player coming over from the Finnish scene, bringing his consistent but aggressive playstyle over he is ready to outshine any Benelux opponent, leave this guy alone and you will not see the 30+ minute mark. Honels not only is a great ADC mastermind but also knows his way around the draft, challenging his coach at any moment.

Support | Puppe - Jan-Mikael Buben

Puppe is our all-round flex pick, not only is he Support which means impacting the entire game, he also is the second part of our Finnish Powerhouse and together with Atto the leading voice in game. His wide champion pool and willingness to always improve as a player but also as a team has lead the team to great improvements. Often taking the lead in reviews and coming up with new strategies has made a massive impact in the growth of our line-up.

Head Coach | Arcanic - Mick de Jong

Mick, the fearless leader of our group of misfits. With his experience in coaching teams to previous Open Tour victories, he brings consistency to the teams play, which has proven results. Recruiting some of the best upcoming talent in the region*, and molding them into team which looks to pick apart the opponents at every turn. The team appointed "boomer" will dismantle you in draft, then will sit back , relax and watch his plan unfold. At the end you will be thinking, better coach wins!

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