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7AM returned to the open tour with a refreshed line up and point to prove after a less than impressive showing in Step 2. Starting things off with an untroubled run out of the Group Stages on Saturday with wins against Cynder, JoinTheForce, DSEA Orange and Amphasquad the team moved onto Sundays action with a quarter final match up against ToWatchDaero.

Starting Sunday off against ToWatchDaero, Yoni commented ‘It was an amazing series and they made it a great challenge for us. We made some mistakes but managed to win the series’. 7AM taking the series 2-1 and advancing to the semi finals against Obnoxious, a tough task ahead if 7AM wanted to go one better than Step 1 and make the final.

Unfortunately 7AM came up short against Obnoxious and went down 2-0, Yoni reflected ‘we got matched up against the winners of last open tour and the favourites Obnoxious, we fell short and didn’t get a grip on the series. We have learned a lot from it and will only come back stronger’

Standings after Step 3.
[Credit – https://lol.gamepedia.com/Open_Tour_Benelux/2020_Season/Circuit_Points ]

A positive showing to equal Step 1 with a line up that had only been in place 2 weeks prior to the tournament, 7AM look forward to taking part in Step 4 and mounting another challenge to take a grand final spot.

In the midst of the pandemic lockdown affecting us all, 7AM also took the opportunity to take part in The Party Online where the team were knocked out in the quarter finals by mCon.

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