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Step 2 of the Open Tour Benelux saw upsets across the board and unfortunately 7AM were a part of that tale. It’s fair to say the weekend did not go as hoped.

During the group stages on Saturday the team replicated Step 1 with a smooth route to the top of the table with victories over CREATURES, Hidden op nonamers, Obsidian Thieves and our most talked about Group D opponent Aethra Esports Gold. With some standout performances from Vinnie on top lane and Henk on mid with a Zoe pentakill to boot, the guys were optimistic about their chances coming into Sunday’s quarter-final.

With familiar flashbacks from Step 1, 7AM’s quarter final opponents were confirmed as TimeOut Academy. With 7AM eager to repeat a 2-0 victory and progress to the semi-finals, TimeOut Academy had other ideas. A strong first game victory from TimeOut Academy gave 7AM a rude awakening. Going into the next game on the back foot 1-0 down it was all still to play for but 7AM couldn’t do enough to stop TimeOut Academy advancing to the semi-finals.

Standings after Step 2.
[Credit – https://lol.gamepedia.com/Open_Tour_Benelux/2020_Season/Circuit_Points ]

After suffering an early Sunday exit from Step 2 it was interesting to see the form book set from Step 1 flipped upside down as fellow semi finalists and grand finalists from Step 1 also did not make it any further with Tundra, Absolute Legends and towatchdaero failing to make the semi-finals. Congrats to the eventual winners Obnoxious Gaming.

7AM will be back for Step 3 with a point to prove with new faces in coach Stijn ‘Haroldomir’ Akkermans and jungler Mailk ‘CutieKatie’ Hamidovic in tow on the 28th March.

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