TEAM 7AM Competitions

Elite Series: League of Legends

Elite Series: League of Legends is the official European Regional League of the Benelux. Combining the former Belgian and Dutch leagues, the 8 best League of Legends teams in the Benelux will face off against each other to win their share of the €28,000 prize pool and earn the chance to represent the Benelux in the European Masters.

Elite Series: rocket league

As part of the Elite Series competition ecosystem, it consists of a traditional two split structure, with 8 teams facing off in the Spring Split to claim the first part of the €15,000 prize pool.

Rainbow Six Siege: R6CON

The Rainbow Six Community Nationals is the PlayStation competition for Rainbow Six Siege in the Benelux. The competition is not just a competitive affair. Through the weekly tournaments, the accompanying live stream and the offline finals, R6CON bring players into contact with each other. The competition thus becomes a meeting zone for every Rainbow Six fanatic in the Benelux.

Belgian Tour

The Belgian Tour is part of the League of Legends Benelux Circuit, an open-signup competition hosted for residents of the Benelux with a majestic €5,000 prize pool.