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Week 8 of the Belgian League Summer Split proved bittersweet for 7AM, facing a tough loss against Aethra but also having their play-off spot confirmed by RSCA’s failure to beat reigning champions Sector One. Play-offs in the debut season is a massive achievement and 7AM did all they could to confirm the spot themselves against Aethra. With a good start and good grip on the game the team were punished heavily for a mistake in a nervy encounter, assistant coach Mick commented “I feel like we indeed had a good grip on the game and could’ve closed it out, a bit of impatience leading into a few mistakes lost us some crucial fights.”

7AM have just under a week to prepare themselves and get over these mistakes as their play-off bout and rematch against Aethra takes place next Thursday [30/7]. We asked Mick what his expectations were for the best of three “Last Monday we showed we can push Aethra around the rift. If we manage to be consistent on game day I’m pretty sure we can take the series and qualify for Country Finals. 2-1 for 7AM!”

As mentioned by Mick, something else to up the ante of this play-off match is that a place in the Country Finals is also at stake. As late comers to the Belgian League, 7AM currently have 0 points in the standings for Country Finals and due to Aethra’s lacklustre showing in the Spring Split they sit in the same situation as 7AM with 0 points, so it really is all to play for!

Following a new partnership between the Belgian League and Proximus you can catch the stream on the Gamelux or Proximus channels from 19:00 CEST next Thursday 30/7

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