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Week 7 really was a tale of 2 halves, suffering defeat in the first game of the evening against KVM but then overthrowing current Belgian League champions Sector One in a thrilling second game. The game against KVM could be seen as 7AM’s chance to put their grip on a play-offs spot but it certainly didn’t work out that way, thwarted by their own mistakes and letting KVM take the win.

A thrilling climax to the Sector One game!

Along comes the second game of the evening against Sector One, how do you get over the possibility of your play-off hopes being crushed? Vinnie explained “We really saw the game against KVM as our hope to get into playoffs, but after the devastating loss and our game against S1 in the back of our minds, it felt like the playoff dream was gone. We had to shake off the emotions and give it our all against sector one and won it in such a CLOSE fashion. Monday the 13th of july was an emotional rollercoaster.”

We can only agree, an emotional rollercoaster it really proved to be! Vinnie also happened to earn himself his 3rd MVP nomination in a row and finally took home King of the Week!

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Next week is the 8th and final week of the regular Summer Split and it is very simple – 7AM need to beat Aethra or failing that, need to rely on Sector One beating RSCA to clinch that all important play-offs spot. It’s going to be a very intense evening of League of Legends so be sure you don’t miss out! Catch 7AM v Aethra this Monday (20/7) from 20:00 CEST on the Gameluxlol channel.

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