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Another week, another win on the board for 7AM. Taking the momentum of victory from week 5 straight into week 6, 7AM took their 2nd victory against Brussels Guardians. It’s no secret that any victory right now is vital in the battle for an all-important play-off spot. With a flourish of form at the moment we asked team captain Yoni what it was that is making the difference “We have gone back to team comps with more agency in the early game, it gives us way more control over the outcome of the game, and makes us feel way more comfortable overall.”

As well as sealing another victory Vinnie earned himself another MVP nomination, this time for his performance on Shen!

As we look ahead to the coming weeks it could be seen as an uphill struggle towards the finish line facing the likes of Sector One and Aethra however Yoni believes he and the team have what it takes “Im confident that we can get into playoffs, the momentum is real. We will do anything in our power to do so.”

We move into the penultimate week of the Summer Split with a double bill against KVM (19:00 CEST) followed by Sector One (21:00 CEST) this Monday (13/7) live on https://twitch.tv/gameluxlol

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