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Week 5 of the Belgian League could really prove as the turning point of the season for 7AM as they overcame RSCA to put another win on the board. Entering the second half of the split with a view to play-off’s, 7AM kept their hopes alive after a tough couple of weeks. 7AM Jungler CutieKatie highlights the importance of this win “It feels really good to get another win because if we would have lost this game it would be really hard to come back and get a higher placement”

Of course in week 1 of the split 7AM took defeat against RSCA, so what was different this time around? CutieKatie commented “we won the game vs RSCA mostly due to draft gap and preparing against RSCA’s playstyle of setting up big map plays. I hope this win is a showing of what is to come.” We hope so too!

Elsewhere in the split, Aethra managed to end Sector One’s dominant 20 win streak in game that earned 2 of their players MVP nominations alongside our very own top laner Vinnie who was nominated for his performance on Vladimir against RSCA. GG guys!

7AM will be looking to take this momentum into Week 6 when they face Brussels Guardians, as we go further into the ‘business’ end of the Split every win is crucial in trying to secure a play-off spot! As always, catch the game live this Monday [6/7] from 21:00 CEST on twitch.tv/gameluxlol

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