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Week 3 of the Belgian League Summer split was a week to forget for 7AM. It wasn’t the easiest task in facing the reigning champions Sector One followed by a second fixture against KVM Esports though it was surprisingly the first game against Sector One that could be seen as the better of the two “I think there are lots of positives to take from the game” 7AM top lane Vinnie commented “we had good moments but our slick decision making was lacking a bit and Sector One was quick to punish us for that. We quickly lost control and it was hard for us to play the game with a strong Night in the sidelane.

In the second game of the evening it was imperative 7AM could take a lead to execute their chosen team comp and unfortunately it didn’t go as planned as head coach Stijn explains “we didn’t have the easiest draft to execute and our team comp is looking to create leads which in the end we didn’t, we fell slightly behind and this then became even worse due to rift herald. We ended up using multiple playmaking tools to try and get back but sadly failed to execute upon the plays. After all this it just became impossible to really come back.

After both games 7AM were quick to pick themselves back up as Vinnie adds “We had a 2 hour talk after Monday’s games and we’re all working hard to fix our weaknesses, even though losing 2 games in a row isn’t easy, everyone is still very motivated to get some wins on the board! Credits to Sector One for staying undefeated!” As we all look forward to next week and bouncing back against Aethra, Stijn adds “I believe we can bounce back against Aethra next week. The reasons we struggled this week are being focused on and we just didn’t have the best of performances that day in my opinion.

Week 4 gives us a bottom of the table clash against Aethra Esports, catch it live this Monday (22/6) from 20:00 CEST on https://www.twitch.tv/gameluxlol

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