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Week 2 of the Belgian League Summer Split saw 7AM up against familiar rivals Brussels Guardians. Coming into this game both teams were eager to take a win after failing to do so in the first week of the split but with a clean game 7AM ensured they took the victory from this encounter.

With the notorious Zoe pick left open, 7AM mid-lane Henk felt right at home even against the Galio chosen by the opposition “I got my favourite champion so it already felt really good before it even started. I think we played it pretty clean and didn’t really make big mistakes. It was good to see that we were all on the same page that game because I feel like that’s our strength. Overall I’m happy with how we played it out.”

For Henk having that first win on the board isn’t everything, the focus quickly shifts to week 3 and 7AM’s double match up against reigning Champions Sector One and KVM “First Belgian League win doesn’t really feel that special to me to be honest, obviously I was happy about it but it wasn’t a surprise to me. I like to immediately look forward to our upcoming matches because I wanna win those as well”

It was good to see the players of 7AM do what they needed to do on the rift but we can’t mention them with out their coaching team. There were some scenes on cast during the draft so we asked assistant coach Mick how he felt about the drafting phase “I felt like the draft was fine, it had some challenging moments but ultimately we got what we prepared for and even a little more! Shyvanna was a surprise to everyone but we instantly figured out it would give Urgot a lot of priority which played into our hands more than into the hands of the Guardians.”

Week 2 standings [Credit – https://www.twitch.tv/gameluxlol]

7AM have their work cut out for them in Week 3 [15/6] as they face Sector One [20:00 CEST] and KV Mechelen [22:00]. Be sure to catch all the action on https://www.twitch.tv/gameluxlol and follow us on our socials to be kept up to date!

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