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Monday night saw 7AM hit the rift for their first outing as a Belgian League team against RSCA esports, we took a moment to catch up with team captain Jody ‘Yoni’ Bruggeman for his thoughts on the game and what is to come.

The first week in the Belgian League is now over and done with, how was it? From your perspective, how do you think the team did?

It was exciting, however the team did not play like we normally do. Probably some first game nerves kicking in. We made crucial mistakes that cost us the game.

A few people have been quite vocal about the playstyle of RSCA, is this something you identified or had a certain game plan against?

We expected the playstyle from RSCA but miss played it entirely. Should have punished way more on other sides of the map.

You’ll face Brussels Guardians next week, a familiar enemy. Are you looking forward to the match up?

BG is a team that is always fun to play against I’m very confident that we can win against them , and that we can do that in a clean matter. Can’t wait!

As mentioned, 7AM will face Brussels Guardians in Week 2 of the Belgian League Summer Split. Catch the game live on https://www.twitch.tv/gameluxlol from 20:00 CEST this Monday [8/6/20]

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