January 11, 2022

Behind the scenes.. Getting ready for ESLOL 2022

Find out what went on behind the scenes at 7AM during the closed season as we prepared for 2022 League of Legends!


As we look to start off the competitive year in League of Legends, the team at 7AM will reflect on a busy off season of work and doing everything that can be done in preparation to bring home results in this years Spring Split.

In or out?

After the merging of the Belgian and Dutch Leagues into the new Elite Series: League of Legends league format, 7AM found themselves in the promotion tournament in October fighting to take a place among the 8 to battle it out in 2022. After a bright start against favorites LowLandLions and a decent group stage, a lackluster performance in the bracket stage saw 7AM initially dumped out of ESLOL contention.

It was only after the shock exit of PSV Esports from competitive League of Legends for 2022 that 7AM were handed a last minute reprieve and invitation to remain in the top level of League of Legends in the Benelux by taking the vacant spot left by PSV, a slightly familiar spot to find themselves in as an organisation.

Time to rebuild

The off season has bought many changes to the 7AM side that will contest ESLOL 2022. 7AM fans can expect some familiar faces in the retention of the promotion tournament botlane Ecstassy and Gaarfield. After acceptance of the spot, the botlane duo and their synergy is something team manager Yoni was eager to build upon for 2022. Carrying on the Romanian influence on this years Spring Split team, the services of ex CR4ZY jungler OmulFinn were also secured.

Moving to the midlane, 7AM signed dutchman Zhìì. The core of the team, eyes will be on the former Sector One man to build on his success in 2021 and provide a leading voice on the rift. With the last piece of the puzzle, we look to the top lane and another dutchman in rookie Jaguar. Part of the Thrll Academy team that swept the Benelux Open Tour, Jaguar will be eager to show what he is made of in 2022.

The team behind the team

Arguably, the biggest changes made for 7AM can be found on the newly formed staff roster. Making sure the players have all the support they need to do their best on the rift, 7AM formed and welcomed a 4 man backroom team that the players can certainly rely on. Headed up by former Resolve Academy head coach Sh0x, he will have assistant coach Pafi and analyst and meme legend Michaeten to call upon with positional coach Cracky providing further support to the team.

With the team in place and ready to go, all that remains is their first test in the ESLOL Spring Split against mCon on the 17th of January


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