About Us

Our Story

Team 7AM, founded in Spring 2019, is a League of Legends team. However, the team have been together since the start of 2019.

Our goal is to progress throughout the competitive tier structure and become professional Esports athletes -- and we believe that we have the right mindset and skill set to achieve this goal.

We understand that only a small percentage of teams actually live out their dreams however we are different:

we ARE 7AM and we ARE ready... are YOU?

  • John Smith-Howell Director John Smith-Howell
  • Jody Bruggeman Director Jody Bruggeman
  • Jake Presland Management Jake Presland
  • Dario Verheyen Community Manager Dario Verheyen
  • Izzy Mitchell Content Manager Izzy Mitchell
  • Jari Lemmens Management Jari Lemmens

Media Kit

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