About Us


At 7AM, we’re different.

We understand that it takes much more than the harnessing of raw talent to succeed on the battlefield. Great achievement comes through collaboration – from players to leaders to community managers and support staff.


Beyond our drive and focus to win, we are also grounded by our founding principles that guide us as individuals and as a team:



7AM is a European organisation founded in early 2019 with the goal of not only competing at the highest level, but also providing a great team environment to develop new talent.

We currently have teams competing professionally in League of Legends and Valorant.

  • John Smith-Howell Director John Smith-Howell
  • Jody Bruggeman Director Jody Bruggeman
  • Jake Presland Management Jake Presland
  • Dario Verheyen Community Manager Dario Verheyen
  • Izzy Mitchell Content Manager Izzy Mitchell
  • Jari Lemmens Management Jari Lemmens

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