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Ahead of the next Valorant Bash, being hosted on the 5th of June, we invited Tryfus of Gaymer Esports over to ask him some questions. Tryfus and his team ended in 2nd place last time around, after losing only once against Nasty Knights in a controversial match. We talked about his thoughts on the current game state, the Bash, and what he’s hoping to achieve in the future.

What were your overall thoughts on the VALORANT Beta? Do you think the game can become as big as CS:GO / CoD?

The Valorant beta was very good, I had a lot of fun playing it. Sometimes you could get mad because there was a bug, but at the end you had to remember that it was only a beta. Riot needs to work on balancing the agents, because for example Jett is useless and Breach/Sage are overpowered. Hopefully they make some changes when they release the full game. I don’t think it will be as big as CS:GO though, but they will come close.

What’s most important according to you, aim or abilities? Or is it a mixture of both

It’s important that you can work with your abilities. You can just outplay your oponents when you use your abilities in the right way. But without aim, you can’t win. It still is a shooter game, you can’t win rounds when you can’t kill the enemies. So both are really important, but if you ask me, getting a clean headshot is more satisfying than using an ability well.

Where do you think VALORANT could improve? What features would you like to see implemented into the game?

I really hope they can work a trading system out where skins have values. Just like the trading system in CS:GO. That made CS:GO such a big game, because people love to trade and sell skins. Now the skins are “worthless” because you can’t sell or trade them. That would be a really good change, but Riot is probably not going to do that.

You guys ended up in 2nd place last time, only Nasty Knights managed to beat you. Are you looking to beat them this time around?

Next game should be an easy win. We don’t think they’re good players. In our last matchup, they were really lucky with some frags. We can’t wait until the next matchup. Hopefully we get them first game, so we start the tournament with a 1-0.

The game against them was insane though, going from 8-4 to 10-13. What kind of feeling goes through your head after losing a game like that?

We feel kind of bad losing against them because we know we are the better team. If we didn’t have to pause halfway due to server lag, we would’ve smashed them. We had the momentum going in that game and they didn’t. That changed when we had to pause for 30-45 minutes, due to the server lag.

Tryfus and his friends are confident of winning their group this time around. He’ll be streaming the tournament (just like last time) over on his channel at https://www.twitch.tv/tryfus

Don’t forget to sign up if you haven’t already, whether you are a full team or an individual looking to join in, we’ll find a team for you and remember all skill levels are welcome too. Simply sign up here https://forms.gle/sBx1wNeq6CfNHNUw8 and join our Discord here http://discord.gg/K2TuGeB Any questions? Please get in touch with Alagesia#4054.

We look forward to see what Gaymer Esports has in store this time, will they be able to beat Nasty Knights or come short once again? It’s all going down this friday, don’t miss it!

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