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After a 2-0 win over SRG Chimaera the evening before, 7AM were up and ready for a battle in the grand final against Team 2.

In the first game, Team 2 stunned a 7AM side seemingly struggling with their draft and added a blemish to their unbeaten run. A stand out performance from the Team 2 top-lane on Mordekaiser saw 7AM dealt with a shock defeat and set the tone for an excting morning of action.

Despite the fight put up by Team 2 in the games that followed, 7AM overcame the loss to take the series 3-1 and take the title of SRG Autumn Split Division 1 Champions!

A nice way to end the year! GGWP to all our opponents from Division 1 and congratulations to Serenity Gaming on another successful split.

Check the clip below to see 7AM take a clean ace in the 4th and final game of the morning.

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