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Last week it was announced that 7AM had landed themselves a spot in the recently formed Belgian League. After missing out on the opportunity towards the end of 2019, unfortunate circumstances surrounding the organisation ‘Timeout’ meant the opportunity presented itself once again as they could not take up their place form the 2020 Summer split.

After an interview with one of the tournament leads the management team were left on tenterhooks as they awaited a response. Being something that means so much to the organisation it was hard for those that knew what was going on to wait and Yoni was one of them, “As soon as we knew that there was a possibility of joining, I was sleepless until we actually knew. We waited for about a week if I remember correctly, I tried to go to bed early so days passed quicker!”

It seems the restless nights were worth it in the end and Yoni can’t wait to get underway with the team “What excites me the most is going back into a league format where we play in a competitive environment weekly instead of once a month. The ability to prep week by week and give it our all is something I’m really looking forward to”

It wasn’t just Yoni who felt the pressure of waiting for the news, managing director of the organisation, John ‘WundA’ Smith-Howell was just as just as anxious to hear back “It’s hard to describe my reaction but I was very happy and it was a huge sigh of relief after nearly a week of waiting for the news. I couldn’t wait to tell the rest of the team the good news so that we could all share the moment.”

After discussing and sharing the organisations goals at the start of the year, there is no understatement of the positive impact the news will have on 7AM “This league spot will allow us to market our brand to a much wider audience than before which ultimately will allow us to better support our current teams and any future teams we bring in. Our goal is to continue to grow and ensure that everyone within 7AM is well supported and feels at home.”

Head coach Stijn Akkermans is also looking forward to the challenge and making sure the team are ready for the competition “I’m excited for the challenge the Belgian League presents, I want to prepare the team by working on their knowledge and their fundamentals on an individual level but also to increase the teams awareness of the bigger picture of what they want to achieve in game from a strategic point of view and not just their own viewpoints. Creating awareness between roles is a very important step to not only increase the level of play in the later stages of the game but also increase the strategic level of how the game is approached.”

An opportunity that everyone within the organisation is eager to make the best of! Make sure you keep up to date on future announcements by following us on social media.

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